Fixed wood-aluminum windows (MEK-A)

Fixed wood-aluminium windows are a safe and durable choice for every home. You’ll get your wood-aluminium windows with practical accessories mounted.

A fixed wood-aluminium window serves well as a large picture window

Large picture windows allowing a lot of light in, are becoming more and more popular particularly in the living room. A fixed wood-aluminium window is at its best exactly in such use. It is a suitable choice when there is no need to open the window for example, for ventilation.

Alongside with fixed wood-aluminium windows it is worthwhile to chooseopening wood-aluminium windows through which the apartment can be ventilated and which act as an escape route in an emergency situation. 

Wood-aluminium windows last from generation to generation

The wood-aluminium window is the most durable window type on the market. The aluminium-clad wooden structure remains tidy for decades and does not require maintenance. Thanks to the aluminium cladding rain or water from window cleaning can’t rot away the woodwork. The window seals and fittings are of high quality, and therefore their energy efficiency is top notch.

We’ll deliver the wood-aluminium windows directly to your home if you wish and also take care of their installation if necessary. You’ll get the windows with the blinds and other accessories you want – pre-mounted, of course.

Technical information


0.53 – 1.00 W/m2K, depending on glazing.

Sound reduction index (Rw):

35 dB.

Aircraft noise insulation (Rw+C):

32 dB.

Road traffic noise insulation (Rw+Ctr):

28 dB. The noise insulation values measured with 3K glass (innermost & outermost glass 6mm)


Triple- or quadruple-glazed element, for cold premises also available a double-glazed element / plate glass.

Frame material:

Two sides of knot-free finger-jointed pine.

Frame external cladding:



Seal fitted in frame external cladding. In addition a separate vapour barrier under the glazing bead.


Financing service

If you need funding for your window and/or door purchase, it is easy to apply. Complete the application on our website, and you will get the credit decision immediately.


If necessary, we will come and measure the window and door frames on the spot. This is to ensure that the new windows and doors will fit your home perfectly.

Home delivery

We deliver the windows and doors securely directly to your site within the agreed schedule. We can also help you when you need windows and doors to your site at short notice: you will get stock products from us even in 1-2 days delivery time. 

Order just the kind of window you need

We design and manufacture the right windows just for your home. This means a tailor-made look, excellent weather resistance and the best guarantees in the industry.