Opening 4-glass Eko Watti energy windows

Eko Watti Energy Windows

The Eko Watti energy windows are windows of the future! The first A++ energy class windows on the market are suitable for new construction and renovation.

Choose the A++ energy class Eko Watti window for energy efficient construction

When planning to build a low-energy house or a passive house, your window choice is the highly energy-efficient and heat-resistant Eko Watti energy windows! It is also well suited for renovation construction when the goal is to renovate the home to be as heat-resistant as possible. The aluminum-clad wooden structures of the windows are extremely durable in northern weather conditions.

Eko Watti improves the resale value of your home
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Eko Watti improves the resale value of your home

Eko Watti is the first A++ energy class window model on the market. In recognition of Eko Watti’s quality development work, we were awarded the INNOFINLAND award in 2008. Eko Watti is a good choice for your home’s windows not only because of the reduction in electricity bills, but also because of the resale value of your home: in the future, energy-efficient living will be of more and more interesting to home buyers. We pre-install the necessary window accessories for the energy windows at the factory, such as blinds and insect screens.

Why choose Lammin Eko Watti energy windows?

  • Insulating glass element in both indoor and outdoor frames
  • The world’s first A++ energy class window
  • Suitable for both home and warm cottages
  • One of Lammin Ikkuna’s award-winning window innovations
  • Improves the resale value of the apartment
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Design Eko Watti windows

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