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Lammin Windows and Doors

Lammin products are your first choice for windows and doors if you are a builder or renovator who value top quality, responsible use and Finnish work.

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Lammin windows

We manufacture windows both as effortless finished products and custom-made according to your wishes. Finnish and energy-efficient windows are a long-lasting, ecological and high-quality choice for every home worldwide.

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Lammin Doors

Lammin doors are just as suitable for a new building as for a home being renovated. We make doors according to the dimensions of the object, so you are sure to get the right size door for all objects from us as well.


If necessary, we will do everything you need to purchase new windows and doors: we will design the appearance of the products according to your wishes, take the dimensions from the site, deliver the products and install the windows and doors in place. Finally, we recycle old windows and doors for renewable energy.

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Made in Finland_Avainlippu

Lammin Windows and doors are truly Finnish and energy efficient choice

Lammin windows are designed for Finnish conditions. The degree of domestication of the products is very high. We cherish clean nature: we recycle efficiently and manufacture energy-efficient doors and windows, which saves heating energy immediately after the products are installed.

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Made in Finland_Avainlippu

Wide range of different windows

Lammin windows can be individualized in many different ways (e.g. with different colors and accessories). The windows are the highest quality and most energy efficient in the industry.

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Made in Finland_Avainlippu

Wide range of high quality exterior doors

The perimeter structure of Lammin doors is top quality, which makes the doors long-lasting and durable. The doors are always individualized taking into account the customer’s destination and wishes.

Why choose Lammin windows and doors?

Customers recommend
A satisfied customer is a prerequisite for sustainable business. Up to 92 percent of our customers are willing to recommend us to others.
Least complained
We are the least complained manufacturer in the Finnish market: our complaint percentage is only 0.8.
Truly Finnish
The degree of domestication of our products is exceptionally high. The necessary raw materials come mainly from Finnish subcontractors and are manufactured in Finland. We have the right to use the Key Flag symbol in our products.
Signal Window_Window Studio

Energy-efficient windows impair the functionality of telephones and the Internet indoors. Signal Window® is an energy-saving glass solution that does not degrade mobile phone or internet signals. No more intermittent calls or stuttering movies!

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Window Studio

Window Studio is a design tool that helps you choose the right design and color for your home.

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Door Studio

With the help of the Door Studio, you can easily compare the options for door models and colors. Choosing a new door is easy!

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Pro Studio

With the Pro Studio application, you test the product you design with augmented reality in your own home. Test and send a request for quotation!