Door accessories and individualization

Door Accessories and Individualization

The individualization of Lammin exterior doors as well as balcony and terrace doors can be influenced with door accessories. Here you will find all the necessary accessories for Finnish Lammin doors from a comprehensive list of accessories. This page also introduces other possibilities related to door individualization.

Individualization of doors with accessories

Door accessories make the doors easier to use and make them look good. The most common door accessories are locks and fittings, blinds, opening devices and replacement air valves. In addition to the accessories, the focus of the door individualization is e.g. glass choices, colors and of course the choice of door model. This page explains in more detail what kind of door accessories are available. We will also tell you how the doors can be identified in other ways.

Lammin’s door accessories:

Fittings and buttons

Door accessories_Fittings and buttons

Door fittings and buttons are an integral part of door accessories. For example, you can select the buttons you want for the doors, e.g. in chrome or brass. Balcony and terrace doors use different buttons than normal exterior doors (e.g. thermal exterior doors and fire doors).

Venetian blinds

Door accessories_venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are installed on the doors with a wire guide, inside the door. Door blinds can be used in many ways: blinds can prevent sunlight from entering the interior and take care of the family’s privacy. Venetian blinds are available in different colors.

Holding devices

Door accessories_holding devices

Door openers and holding devices make it easier to ventilate the apartment, for example. With the help of the holding devices, the door stays in place and open even in a more windy place. Different holding solutions are available depending on the door model.

Locking solutions

Door accessories_locking solutions

It is possible to buy factory-installed locks for Lammin exterior doors. Through us, you get a traditional Abloy lock, a Yale Doorman smart lock or a Rollock smart lock. Alternatively, you can buy doors without locks and install the locks on the door yourself. Learn more about locking solutions.

Replacement air and supply air valves

Door accessories_replacement air valves

Replacement air and supply air valves attached to the top of the door frame improve the quality of the apartment’s indoor air and enable the necessary replacement air supply. Different valve options are available for Lammin doors, depending on e.g. the design of the doors and their placement in the building.

Lammin doors’ Plus structure

Door accessories_plus structure

Some Lammin doors are available with a thicker and more energy-efficient Plus structure. In Plus-structured doors, the door leaf is thicker and thus keeps the cold away more efficiently. You should discuss the choice of the Plus design with our sales representative: he will help you choose the right door set.

Wooden parts of doors

Door accessories_wooden parts

If necessary, the wooden parts of doors can be treated differently from the rest of the door. For example, the glazing beads of the glass openings of the doors can be left in a wood color to make the glass openings of the doors even more spectacular. Ask your sales representative for more information on options like this.

Other accessories

Door accessories_other accessories

Other common door accessories include door eyes and kick dampers. The door eye is drilled into the door leaf and the kick damper is installed at the bottom of the door. If you have an idea for door accessories and can’t find what you’re looking for in this list, just ask for more information – we’ll be happy to help!

Door colors and surface treatment

The doors can be individualized with different colors and surface treatments. In principle, the doors are covered with the color or colors desired by the customer. The outside and inside of the door can be painted in different colors. Wooden doors (e.g. paneled terrace doors) can be glazed and varnished. All colors according to RR and RAL color charts are available. Our white color is NCSS 0502-Y as standard. Below are examples of colors in the base color chart and a few examples of translucent models:

Door colors and surface treatment
Popular colors according to the RR color chart. Note that the color reproduction on the screen may differ from the painted models.
Door colors and surface treatment_2
Popular colors according to Woodex translucent treatment. Note that the color reproduction on the screen may differ from the painted models.
Design new doors_Door Studio

Browse Lammin door selection in Door Studio (Fin)

You can find our most common door models in the Door Studio service. In the Door Studio, you can browse different door models and test what the doors look like in different colors. Grab a screenshot of the door you designed as an attachment to the request for quotation. You can discuss the door accessories in more detail with the sales representative who is responsible for your request.