Choosing windows

Choosing Windows

The choosing of windows must take into account the special requirements of the building and the details that are pleasing to the eye. This page provides tips on choosing windows.

Select the correct window according to the building

When choosing windows, it is important to consider the building first. Do the windows come to your home, outbuilding or cottage? In a building that is used all year round, the requirements for windows are different than in a summer cottage used only in warm weather or in a cool outdoor storage. Any special requirements should also be considered. For example, ask yourself: Do you want strong fire safety from the window or is the basic window enough? Is there a busy road nearby that requires attention to the soundproofing of the window? Do you want some rooms with large, fixed landscape windows, or does the opening window model fit into every room in your home? Listed below are specific tips for choosing your windows. However, don’t worry about your choices – our sales representatives will be happy to help you design the right products!

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Different window options for different buildings

In Finland, wood-aluminium windows are preferred, where the external frames are protected with weather-resistant aluminium. The wood-aluminium window is an excellent choice, especially because of its durability and ease of maintenance. It is well suited for both home and summer cottage. On the other hand, choosing a wood window will make your home look and feel respectful of tradition. Energy windows, on the other hand, are the most efficient in terms of U-values and thus save the most heating energy of all. You should check out the differences between the different windows and ask the experts for more information if you have any concerns.

Choosing windows in practice:

1. Specify a purpose

You must first determine what you are getting the window for: whether you are just looking for a basic window or want something special from it. Also, consider where you are placing the window and whether the window needs to be opening or fixed. If you want large windows, your choice is definitely a fixed window; if you want to make window cleaning easier and possibly ventilate with windows, your choice is an opening window.

2. Select a product

Once the purpose of the window and the special requirements for it are clear, the product should be selected. The first choice should be made between an opening or a fixed window. After that, you can think about whether you want wooden windows or wooden-aluminium windows. Finally, you can consider whether you would like Lammin’s best energy efficiency energy windows or if you need some kind of special windows. You can design new windows in Window Studio (Fin) or by using mobile application Pro Studio.

3. Product individualization

Next, selections must be made to individualize the window. Key questions include: What color windows do you want? Do you want the windows’ glasses to be maximally heat-resistant, sound-insulating or radio-transmitting? Do you want windows with a modern interior or a traditional one? By answering these questions, you will help your sales representative create exactly the windows you want.

4. Choose door accessories

Finally, select the necessary accessories for the windows. The most popular window accessories are e.g. Venetian blinds, ventilation window equipment, replacement air valves and insect nets. Accessories make windows easier to use and have many other benefits. For example, choosing blinds will affect the privacy of your apartment. Read more about door accessories.

Compare Lammin’s most popular window products:

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Traditional WOOD WINDOWS
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Top-efficient ENERGY WINDOWS
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For better connections SIGNAL WINDOWS
Choosing windows

Request a quote for new windows!

We will be happy to help you design and select new windows. Lammin windows are suitable for all kinds of buildings, from elderly detached houses to large apartment buildings.