How to choose your windows

When choosing windows, you have to take into account the special requirements of the project and the kind of details that appeal to your own eye. Our Window Studio tool will help to choose your windows.

Right window to fit in with the project

When choosing windows, you should first consider the site. Will you install the windows to your home, outbuilding or cottage? In a building used year round, the requirements for windows are quite different from those for windows in a summer cottage used in the warm season only or in a cool outdoor storage.

You should also consider possible special requirements. Would you like to have a window with strong fire safety, or would a basic window do? Is there a busy road nearby, which is why attention should be paid to the sound insulation of the window? Would you like to have large, fixed picture windows in some of the rooms, or is the opening window model suitable for every room in your home?

Wood-aluminium window is a durable choice for every application

In Finland, the widest popularity is enjoyed by wood-aluminium windows with exterior sashes protected with weather-resistant aluminium. A wood-aluminium window is a good choice indeed, especially thanks to its durability and easy maintenance. It is ideal for your home and summer cottage alike. 

Choose windows to match your home facade

Windows have a surprisingly significant impact on the look of the building's facade, and therefore the factors affecting the appearance of the windows should be chosen with time. For example, the colour, model and surface treatment of the windows significantly affect the look of the facade. Because of its weather resistance, the aluminium-clad window is an elaborate and tidy choice, but the traditional-style builder should also consider solid-wood windows instead of wood-aluminium windows.

Window Studio helps to choose your home windows

Lammin Ikkuna offers a wide selection of windows in different colours, models and with various features. Explore the options with the Window Studio tool which allows you compare window models and colours!