Soundproof doors

If you love peace and silence, a soundproof door is the ideal solution for you. In the range of Lammin doors you will find a functioning door for any situation where the sound insulation of the apartment poses challenges. 

Protect the peace and quite of your home with a soundproof door

You need a soundproof door when traffic noise or other disturbing noise comes easily through your home. At its best, a soundproof door can improve the quality of living decisively. When replacing a door, it is always worthwhile to consider if a soundproof door would be a viable choice.

Lammin doors are well suited to reducing traffic and aircraft noise

The Lammin soundproof doors are well suited for sound insulation despite the source of noise. Whether your problem is a sound carried through the air, road traffic noise or aircraft noise, we can supply you a door fitting your home. The soundproof door has been tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. The domestic content of the doors is very high, and they are also very energy-efficient. 

Choose a sound insulating thermal exterior door or an aluminium-clad door

When you want to keep sounds outside your home and heat inside, a Lammin door is the right choice. Weather-resistant aluminium-clad soundproof doors as balcony and terrace doors are a good match for aluminium-clad windows. 

You can choose yourself the size of the windows, the colour and other features of the door. We also supply the accessories you need. We’ll be happy to help you to choose a soundproof door to suit you – contact us!

Highest domestic content in the industry

We use high-quality Finnish materials. As an expression of the high degree of domestic content of our products, they are marked with the Key Flag symbol.

The best guarantees

We know that our products last. Therefore, we can grant different warranties for our products depending on the product group. Guarantees are given for both windows and doors.

Complaints percentage almost zero

Our products are only rarely filed for complaints. Most of the complaints involve transportation damage that are covered by the guarantee.


Financing service

If you need funding for your window and/or door purchase, it is easy to apply. Complete the application on our website, and you will get the credit decision immediately.


If necessary, we will come and measure the window and door frames on the spot. This is to ensure that the new windows and doors will fit your home perfectly.

Home delivery

We deliver the windows and doors securely directly to your site within the agreed schedule. We can also help you when you need windows and doors to your site at short notice: you will get stock products from us even in 1-2 days delivery time. 

Order just the kind of door you need

We design and manufacture the right windows just for your home. This means a tailor-made look, excellent weather resistance and the best guarantees in the industry.