Thermal exterior door is the energy saver’s choice

A Lammin thermal exterior door is reliable, and it stays tidy and straight. The door is safe, and it keeps heat inside even under challenging weather conditions because a durable weather strip is fitted on both the door and the frame. This provides a genuine, double door sealing. 

Choose a durable thermal door for your house and store

A Lammin exterior thermal door the is ideal for the exterior door of a residential building or a warm store. Our outward-opening thermal exterior doors meet the modern requirements of thermal efficiency, and the double thermal frame structure ensures that the door remains tight even after years of use. The outer frame is made knotless by jointing, and therefore the resin of the knots does not become visible. 

High-quality thermal exterior door keeps the heating costs under control

The price of energy rises year after year, and the importance of thermal efficiency in new building and renovation is growing constantly. For this reason, the thermal door is today a sensible choice for the exterior door of every home.

Our thermal doors are custom-made. The doors have effective polystyrene insulation and durable double sealing preventing air leakage. The triple glazing of the door ensures that heat will not escape through the window opening either. 

Lammin thermal doors available also as a sturdy Plus model and as double doors

Lammin thermal exterior door thickness is 70mm, and the door framework is made of laminated pine. The thermal exterior door is also available as a double door. An option that is more solid than the ordinary thermal exterior door is the Lammin Plus door with 90mm thickness and with thermal efficiency that is even higher than that of an ordinary thermal door. 

You get Lammin thermal exterior doors with all the accessories you want mounted, such as fittings, letter slots and peepholes. Read more about door accessories!

Highest domestic content in the industry

We use high-quality Finnish materials. As an expression of the high degree of domestic content of our products, they are marked with the Key Flag symbol.

The best guarantees

We know that our products last. Therefore, we can grant different warranties for our products depending on the product group. Guarantees are given for both windows and doors.

Complaints percentage almost zero

Our products are only rarely filed for complaints. Most of the complaints involve transportation damage that are covered by the guarantee.


Financing service

If you need funding for your window and/or door purchase, it is easy to apply. Complete the application on our website, and you will get the credit decision immediately.


If necessary, we will come and measure the window and door frames on the spot. This is to ensure that the new windows and doors will fit your home perfectly.

Home delivery

We deliver the windows and doors securely directly to your site within the agreed schedule. We can also help you when you need windows and doors to your site at short notice: you will get stock products from us even in 1-2 days delivery time. 

Order just the kind of window you need

We design and manufacture the right windows just for your home. This means a tailor-made look, excellent weather resistance and the best guarantees in the industry.