Company Story

Lammin window factory has been operating since 1972. The company was founded in 1969 and operated under the name Lahden Ikkuna Oy until 1980. Metsäliitto Industry owned the factory through its own companies from 1980 until 1998 and centralized its window production in Lammi.

In the footsteps of a large “forest giant”

The strength of the large forest giant (Metsäliitto Industry) has been its diverse knowledge and know-how from raw wood to modern carpentry products. The processing chain of Lammin products reflects those roots and traditions in the high-quality pine profiles of its own billet manufacturing plant, from which it is easy to manufacture high-quality Lammin windows and doors for customers. The company’s current name, Lammin Ikkuna Oy, and its personal ownership date from 1998. In 2007, manufacturing gained new resources and the premises doubled to 15,000 square meters when the sister company Virepuu Oy was established in Kangasniemi and the premises vacated from the traditional door factory were acquired.


The early days of the company

Production of windows and doors began at Lammi in 1972 in a new factory that had just been built. The factory’s own heating center was completed in 1973 and the arch hall in 1974. At that time, the arch hall served as a warehouse for materials and products. In the early years, the company also manufactured wooden stairs and railings and contracted water roofs under the name of Lahden Ikkuna. The energy crisis and product development of the 1970s led to in-house production of insulating glass, and the company underwent significant restructuring in the mid-1970s. At the time, manufacturing focused on energy-efficient windows and buildings under renovation. A major expansion of the production facilities was carried out in 1976. By the end of the 1970s, industrial custom-made production of windows and doors, almost like series production, began in Lammi, Finland, near the center of the Finnish maiden.

The 80s were a time of renewal

On December 15, 1980, the Lammi factory was transferred to Metsäliitto Teollisuus Oy, when door manufacturing, sawing and the production of insulating glass were transferred to larger units. The products manufactured at the Lammin Ikkuna complemented the standard products of Metsäliitto’s Vääksy mills’ large series orders with energy-efficient and custom-made windows. As early as 1983, the entire production process was based entirely on series-produced individual bespoke production. Advanced design and manufacturing technology allowed a custom order window time of only two days. By the mid-1980s, 2/3 of the window production at both Lammi’s and Vääksy’s factories was made to order. In the 80’s, the equipment and quality of the windows improved, in addition to which various investments were made in Lammi: in 1985 a new paint shop was completed and in 1989 social facilities were built for staff and a large expansion of production facilities.

Number one in window technology

Lammin Ikkuna was the first in Finland to introduce electrostatic clock painting for wooden parts. Swiss technology was world-class and resulted in almost all of Lammin windows being painted. At the same time, the most significant product technical change of the era was made with the start of the production of wood-aluminum windows. At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, a significant number of patent applications arose that spawned several utility models in addition to patents. The most significant production technology investment of its time was also the woodworking line, which also had patented technology. In 1993, Metsäliitto concentrated window production at Lammi and stopped window production at the Vääksy factory. The victory in the renovation window competition organized by Motiva in 1996 was a significant honorable mention and a sign of long-term development work for the Lammi factory.

A new era of Lammin windows and doors

In 1998, Lammin completed a significant expansion of its factory premises and the ownership arrangement of the window business: Metsäliitto Group’s term ended, the company became Lammin Ikkuna Oy and the Wirebo brand was changed to Lammin. In 2007, the sister company Virepuu Oy was established in Kangasniemi, which began manufacturing Lammin exterior doors, balcony and terrace doors. The Kangasniemi door factory also processes Lammin window and door blanks. In the 21st century, Lammin Ikkuna received several awards: In 2007, the owners were chosen as Entrepreneurs of the Year at Lammi, in 2008 the company received the Innosuomi award for its Eko Watti low-energy window, and in 2010 the chairman and CEO were awarded the provincial entrepreneur award.

Growth, innovation and sport

Over the years, Lammin Ikkuna has grown into a company with a turnover of about 15 million, employing about 100 window and door professionals at the Lammi and Kangasniemi factories and at the Espoo sales exhibition. The company’s products are also exported abroad, such as to Sweden, Central Europe, Russia and the United States. The company has a place in many industry organizations and a license to use the Finnish Key Flag. The most significant innovation of the 2010s is the Signal Window, which revolutionized the window industry: the innovation facilitates the access of radio signals to the interior without compromising the energy efficiency of windows and doors. We have also designed a new mobile device application Pro Studio which can be used design new windows and doors using augmented reality. Lammin Ikkuna has supported several Finnish athletes and sports clubs over the years. The biggest collaboration was with women’s wrestling world champion Petra Olli. Lammin Ikkuna’s most significant customer references in recent years are e.g. Tower Hotel in Tampere, New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki and Tikkurila Church in Vantaa.

Let’s build and renovate – together!

Our expertise, our personal approach and our uncompromising commitment to handling every window and door delivery in the best possible way will continue to be the cornerstones of our success in the future. Our strength is our seamless cooperation with a wide range of customers, partners and resellers. The world is trampled by the covid and a small recession, but we Finns are working together to meet the challenges.

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