Lammin Signal Windows®

Signal Window is the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the coverage of a cellular network indoors. It is a completely maintenance-free window solution which does not need electricity to function. 

Lammin Signal Windows® contribute to good mobile phone coverage

Signal Windows are suitable for all types of construction, such as home or office windows. The mobile signal passes through a Signal Window effectively. That’s why Signal Window is the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the coverage of a cellular network indoors.

Modern, energy-efficient building materials often hinder the passage of signals through structures and may at its worst block the cellular signal completely from entering the building. Fortunately, better coverage does not mean that energy efficiency needs to be compromised: Signal Windows are extremely energy-efficient and keep heat in well.

Maintenance-free Lammin Signal Window® functions without electricity

Thanks to its structure, Signal Window allows a mobile phone signal enter the building better than other windows – irrespective of the telephone operator. Lammin Signal Window is completely maintenance-free and does not need electricity to function.

How does Lammin Signal Window® differ from other signal windows?

Signal Window by Lammin is the first Finnish window solution designed to improve mobile phone coverage indoors.

The whole area of a Signal Window functions as a route for mobile signals and that’s why the signals penetrate it very well.

In order to get the best possible indoor coverage, it is a good idea to plan the whole package in advance also from the coverage point of view. We’ll be happy to help with planning – contact us and ask for more information!

Lammin Signal Window® is suitable for new construction and renovation

We supply Signal Windows for both new buildings and renovations - including installation if needed. You will also get the accessories you need for your windows.

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