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Signal Window

There is now an easy and cost-effective solution to indoor audibility problems: Lammin Signal Window! The Signal Window is a completely maintenance-free window solution that does not require electricity to operate.

A window for better connections

Modern, energy-efficient building materials have many advantages, but they often make it difficult for signals to pass through structures. This results in e.g. poor cell phone coverage and intermittent network connection. Lammin Signal Window® can be installed in any building, regardless of the location or building materials. Once the signal windows are installed, they no longer require maintenance or electricity to operate. Therefore, a signal window is the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve poor indoor reception. Signal windows are also called antenna windows. Signalglass can be installed in all Lammin windows.

How does the signal window work
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How does the Signal Window work?

Lammin Signal Window is the first Finnish window solution that aims to improve the coverage of the mobile network indoors. The entire surface of the signal window acts as a route for signals, which is why mobile phone signals (2G, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G) pass through the window up to a thousand times more efficiently than ordinary windows. The Lammin Signal Window technology feature can be freely added to any window glass in the building. In order to achieve the best possible coverage indoors, it is advisable to plan the whole of a new construction or renovation project in advance also in terms of coverage. The placement of windows should take into account e.g. the environment of the building, the geometry, the building materials of the cladding used and the possible angles of entry of the signals.

Benefits of Lammin Signal Window:

  • Completely maintenance free. After installation, you can enjoy good reception without any worries.
  • Does not use electricity. There is no extra cost to you for windows.
  • Does not degrade the U-value of windows. Your windows will continue to be energy efficient, and the interior heat will not escape outside.
  • Works with subscriptions of all telephone operators. Functionality is based on the structure of the window and is not dependent on other factors.
  • Suitable for any building. The features or installation of the windows are no different from regular windows. Only the glass element is modified.
  • Proven to work. Signal Window glass solutions have been developed since the beginning of the 2010s. The latest research results are from 2020.
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Better coverage with individual window solutions

The Lammin Signal Window technology feature is available for all Lammin window and door products. The dimensions, models, shapes, colors, energy efficiency of the glass part, safety features of the glass and other additional features and accessories are selected according to the customer’s needs. We deliver signal windows for both new buildings and renovation projects – installation services if necessary. You also get the window accessories you need for your windows. Just remember to ask for signal glazing when requesting a quote.

Do you want to make sure the interior is audible?

If you are already planning to build a new home or renovate an old one, feel free to contact Lammin Ikkuna’s experts. We will help you with all your window and door choices. We will also be happy to tell you more about the signal and antenna windows.

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Signal Windows

Signal windows do not differ in design from other windows. So you can select Signal Window glazing for all windows. Design your new windows in Window Studio.