Window accessories

High-quality fittings, blinds and other accessories make the Lammin windows even more practical and safe. You’ll get the new windows for your home with the desired accessories mounted.

Durable fittings and catches for windows

We furnish our windows with safe and high-quality fittings and practical catches that last for decades. The fittings, catches and other details are always implemented in such a way that the style of the windows remains uniform, and for example, the fittings do not stick out of the window frame.

Protect your home with blinds 

With blinds you can protect your home from sunlight and prying eyes. Blinds also offer new possibilities for interior design: they allow you to choose translucent fabric curtains or leave the curtains completely out. We can furnish your home windows with either traditional or integrated blinds. Fitting the blinds already at the Lammin factory pays off: in this way the fitting work traces remain as small as possible.

Ventilate your home safely

Our windows are equipped with stays which allow you ventilate your home with draught without fear of windows banging shut. Insect screens, in turn, prevent uninvited guests from entering the apartment during ventilation. 

Order just the kind of window you need

We design and manufacture the right windows just for your home. This means a tailor-made look, excellent weather resistance and the best guarantees in the industry.