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Window Accessories and Individualization

At the heart of the individualization of Lammin windows are window accessories. For truly Finnish Lammin windows, you can choose the accessories you need from a comprehensive list of accessories. This page also introduces other options for personalizing your windows.

Individualizing windows with accessories

Window accessories can make the windows easier to use and make them look good too. The most common accessories to be installed on Lammin windows are fittings and buttons, blinds and various insect nets (e.g. removable mosquito frame). In addition, windows can be made more individual already at the design stage by paying attention to, for example, glass selections, model series and colors. This page provides more information about window accessories and other window-specific customization options.

Lammin window accessories:

Fittings and buttons

Window accessories_fittings and buttons

Fittings and buttons are essential accessories in the windows. They also crown the spectacle of the windows. For example, you can choose chrome, brass-colored or painted fittings for the window. Depending on the placement of the windows, for example, wooden buttons are suitable for sauna windows. As standard, white windows have white and other windows have chrome fittings and buttons.

Venetian blinds

Window accessories_venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have several uses: for example, they can prevent sunlight from entering the interior or take care of your own privacy. It is possible to choose Venetian blinds either surface-mounted or integrated. Venetian blinds are provided with traditional torsion levers or buttons.

Ventilation window equipment

Window accessories_Ventilation window equipment

Ventilation window equipment make it easier to ventilate the apartment with windows. Ventilation mechanisms, such as holding devices, are pre-installed on the windows at the factory. They keep the window in place and open even in a more windy place. Ventilation window accessories are different depending on the windows.

Insect and pollen filtering nets

Window accessories_Insect and pollen filtering nets

Removable insect and pollen filtering nets allow ventilation without spores or pollen entering the apartment. Lammin’s detachable mosquito frames are made to order at the factory. The pollen filtering net, on the other hand, has a denser net developed specifically for dust filtration. Insect and pollen nets are always built as a removable frame with an aluminum outer edge.

Replacement air and supply air valves

Window accessories_Replacement air and supply air valves

Replacement air and supply air valves attached to the top of the window frame help to improve the quality of the indoor air and the supply of the necessary replacement air to the apartments. There are several different valve options available for Lammin windows, depending on the windows and their placement. Our sales representatives will help you choose the right valves.

Using the window as an emergency exit

Emergancy exit_window accessories

The window can also be used as an emergency exit. In this case, the number of accessories and the identification of windows is limited. If you need to place a window as an emergency exit at your planned location, talk to our sales representative.

Lammin window model series:


Window accessories_window model elegant

In the Elegant model series, the wooden interior of the window is bevelled. The Elegant model is the basic model series of Lammin windows, which is the default for all window orders. Elegant is suitable for all kinds of properties from modern detached houses to older detached houses in need of renovation.


Window accessories_window model piquant

In the Piquant model series, the wooden interior of the window is rounded. The Piquant model is a separately ordered model series that is not produced continuously. Piquant is especially suitable for objects that maintain a traditional look, where you want a more spectacular window frame than conventional windows.

Window colors and surface treatment

Windows can be individualized with different colors and surface treatments. The inside of the windows can be treated with different colors or surface treatments than the outside. Correspondingly, both the inside and the outside of the window can be painted in the same way. The various options for painting windows or other surface treatments are described in more detail below:

Wooden parts of windows

The standard color of the painted windows is white NCSS 0502-Y. Other shades on special order according to RR / RAL color chart. Popular colors in addition to white include e.g. dark gray RR23 and black RR33.

The standard colors for translucent windows are Woodex 1802-1807, 1809, 1812, 1814-1815 and 1824. Other translucent shades on special order according to the Woodex color chart. The most popular translucent shades include e.g. 1802 and 1824.

The protective treatment of the windows prevents e.g. fingerprints and dust from sticking to the wooden parts of the window. The protection treatment should be renewed regularly, for example by a resident. Alternatively, you can order a renewal of the protection treatment from us.

Finished wood means that no treatment is applied to the wooden parts of the window. This is a popular option, for example, in sauna windows that the customer wants to wax themselves.

Aluminium parts of windows

The standard colors of the painted aluminium parts (frame and outer frame) are white RAL9010, dark gray RR23 and dark brown RR32. Other shades on special order according to RR / RAL color chart. In addition to the standard colors, black RR33 is also a popular color.

Decoral, or wood imitation, refers to the painting of aluminium parts so that the aluminium looks like wood. The aluminium exterior frame and the aluminium cladding of the frame are then made to look like wood, hence the name wood imitation. All decorals are made to special order.

Anodizing aluminium parts means a surface treatment that makes aluminium parts more resistant to corrosion. The treatment also makes the aluminium parts of the window harder and more durable.

Window colors and surface treatment_1
Popular colors according to the RR color chart. Note that the color reproduction on the screen may differ from the painted models.
Window colors and surface treatment_2
Popular colors according to Woodex translucent treatment. Note that the color reproduction on the screen may differ from the painted models.
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