Lammin doors

Lammin doors are designed and manufactured for northern weather conditions. From our wide range of exterior doors you can easily find the right door model and colour just for your home!

Choose your exterior door carefully

The model and colour of the exterior door have a tremendous impact on the first impression your home facade gives. Particular attention should also be paid to the choice of external doors for economic reasons: a good-quality and energy-efficient door quickly repays itself when heat is kept carefully indoors. 

Lammin exterior doors withstand Finnish weather

The Lammin doors are designed to withstand northern weather conditions. Thanks to their strong structure and high quality sealing, the Lammin doors keep cold outdoors and remain tidy despite the changing weather. 

Lammin doors are suitable for home builders and renovators alike

A Lammin door is equally suitable for a new building as well as for a home to be renovated. We manufacture doors according to the dimensions of the site, so from us you can get a door of the right size also for a renovation project. If necessary, we measure ourselves the door on the spot. From us you get your doors with home delivery and installation if you wish. 

We mount for you the handles and lock cylinders of your choice. Our doors have a standard of at least three burglar-proof hinges and an accessible special threshold that make our doors a safe and practical choice.

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Thermal exterior doors 

A Lammin thermal exterior door is reliable, stays tidy and straight, is safe and keeps heat in also under challenging weather conditions.

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Balcony and terrace doors

The secret of the Lammin balcony and terrace doors is the most robust framework structure on the market. Despite the large glass surface area, the unwarping doors keep heat in very well. Heat saving is achieved by effective triple glazing solutions and reliable sealing. The Lammin balcony and terrace doors feature genuine double sealing. 

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Double doors and extensions

A double door or a door extension gives a welcome impressive look to your home entrance. A double door makes an ample passage way to your garage or store.

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Soundproof doors

If you love peace and silence, a soundproof door is the ideal solution for you. In the range of Lammin doors you will find a functioning door for any situation where the sound insulation of the apartment poses challenges. 

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Fire doors

A fire door protects your home environment from fire damage. Even if the building regulations do not force the purchase of a fire door, it is a viable choice for fire safety. 

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Sliding doors

Sliding doors allow you combine the interior of your home with the yard. It is easy to go to the terrace through an open sliding door which adds to the comfort of your home. Sliding doors are an efficient choice also from the point of view of space. 

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Financing service

If you need funding for your window and/or door purchase, it is easy to apply. Complete the application on our website, and you will get the credit decision immediately.


If necessary, we will come and measure the window and door frames on the spot. This is to ensure that the new windows and doors will fit your home perfectly.

Home delivery

We deliver the windows and doors securely directly to your site within the agreed schedule. We can also help you when you need windows and doors to your site at short notice: you will get stock products from us even in 1-2 days delivery time. 

Order just the kind of door you need

We design and manufacture the right doors just for your home. This means a tailor-made look, excellent weather resistance and the best guarantees in the industry.