Bad indoor mobile coverage? – Lammin Signal Window® is the solution

Indoor mobile coverage problems may be due to general coverage problems in the area or energy-efficient building materials. Fortunately, indoor coverage can be improved with Signal Windows.

There is a solution to poor indoor mobile coverage

Signal Window by Lammin is the first Finnish window solution designed in terms of mobile phone coverage. It allows the cellular frequencies pass though it irrespective of the telephone operator. Signal Window is completely maintenance-free and does not need electricity or maintenance to function. 

Energy-efficient building without coverage problems

Today, materials and structures are often used in new building and renovation which attenuate the signal passing into the building. Also an energy-efficient coating used in windows can cause the coverage inside a building to be poor, even if it is impeccable around the building. 

However, it is possible to implement an energy-efficient building without indoor coverage problems. Signal Window by Lammin lets the mobile phone signal pass effectively indoors. That's precisely why Signal Window is an excellent choice for homes, business premises, public properties, for any building.

Lammin Signal Window® is an investment in the future

In future, both good mobile phone coverage and energy-efficiency will be more and more important for living comfort in a building. Don’t lag behind development – choose Signal Window!