Customised windows and doors

We believe that personalized service and tailor-made products make it easier and more reliable to build the home of your dreams. That’s why we also tailor-make windows and doors to match your wishes. 

Windows just for you

You can freely choose the model, shape, and pane layout style that you prefer for your windows. You can also get your windows with insect sashes if you wish. Soundproofing, durable and safe locking are properties of all our windows - so you do not have to choose them separately. 

If necessary, we will come and measure the window and door openings on the spot. In this way the windows and doors will fit seamlessly and remain tight and draughtless.

With door colour you add personality to the façade

The appearance of the door has a tremendous impact on the look of the façade and external walls. In addition to frame depth, colour and fittings, you can choose the door model and dimensions. 

For example, choose a colour for the exterior door that creates personality and contrast with the external wall colour. A jolly and different impression will be created on your windows when you choose two-colour sashes so that the interior and exterior of the sashes are painted in different colours.

We give you the support and tips to find the solutions to suit you. Contact our sales representatives, so we can design together just the right windows and doors for you. 

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