How to choose your door

The exterior door of your home will significantly affect how your home facade looks like. That’s why it is worthwhile to use time and consideration on the choice of the exterior door. 

Use and preferences as the basis for choice of door

When choosing a door, the most important thing is to ponder on your own needs and preferences. Do you want your door to provide sound insulation, fire safety or energy efficiency? Are you buying a front door for your home or a terrace door? Do you like traditional or modern doors? What kind of colours appeal to you? When these things are clear in your mind, you are already close to choosing the right door. 

Choose an energy-efficient, weather-resistant and safe door 

Issues related to energy efficiency, quality and technical characteristics are also crucial. Choose a door with a surface treatment that will withstand the northern weather conditions and which is manufactured in such a way that knots will not emerge from the door. In addition, the door’s safety needs to be taken into account: durable structures and high-quality fittings, hinges and locks protect your home from burglars. 

Exterior door is in daily use – investment in quality pays off

Don’t forget comfort of use either! If you open a door twice a day every day of the year, there will be over 3,500 door openings in five years. Every opening puts a strain on the lock and hinges. The high-quality Lammin fittings and locks do not play tricks, they last years of use without a flaw. 

Door Studio makes choosing the exterior door easier

Door Studio is a choosing tool that helps you to compare Lammin exterior door models and colour options.