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Sales exhibitions and factories 

Lammin sales exhibition/factory

Avoinna arkisin klo 8-16

Paarmamäentie 2

16900 Lammi

Vaihde puh. 010 8411 700

Y-tunnus: 1454666-1

Kangasniemes sales exhibition/factory

Vierailuajat sopimuksesta

Hallitie 15

51200 Kangasniemi

puh. 010 8411 700

Espoos sales exhibition/factory

Vierailuajat sopimuksesta

Vallikallionkatu 1

02650 Espoo

puh. 010 8411 702

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Product manager, Signal Window

Sales and marketing



Production and Logistics

Rauno Nummela

+358 44 5532 002

Paarmamäentie 2, 16900 LAMMI

Tuomo Kauppi

+358 50 4517 606

Paarmamäentie 2, 16900 LAMMI

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